7 Seas is proud of its reputation as being “the birder’s whale watch” in Gloucester.

While the whales are, of course, the main focus of our trips, many of our crew are also avid bird watchers and are always aware of any birds in the area. We make a special point to make sure that any birders on board don’t miss any rare (or common!) species that we encounter.

To learn more about the pelagic bird species we see on our while whale watching just select from the menu to the left to access all the various bird information pages contained within our site. All of the contents of these pages were written by 7 Seas Whale Watch naturalist (and birder!) S. Jay Frontierro.

Above photo: Beautiful pelagic birds that are seen in Spring and Fall in New England waters. Red-necked (formerly “Northern”) Phalaropes are by far the most common. Red Phalaropes are rare but always possible to see. Both species are shown in the photograph above (I’m sure you can figure out which species is which!) 

For birders who may be visiting from out of state (or country) and are hoping to do some bird watching around the Cape Ann/North Shore area, a couple of great resources to help guide you to some of the “birdiest” places in Massachusetts are:



And for the most recent bird sightings in all of Massachusetts you can also check-out the MASSACHUSETTS BIRDING LIST.

Good luck and good birding!