Welcome Aboard ‘The Privateer IV’

Gloucester’s Newest Whale Watch Boat

Many people feel (and rightfully so) that the vessel you sail on can make all the difference in your whale watching experience. With this important consideration in mind, 7 seas whale watch is proud to offer our passengers what we feel is the finest whale watching boat in Massachusetts … the “PRIVATEER IV.”

The Privateer IV is the cleanest, newest, most comfortable whale watch boat in Gloucester. She is a 108 foot, aluminum hulled, fully U.S. Coast Guard certified vessel that was designed specifically for sight-seeing. We feel that she is the finest boat in the industry, and we are confident that the moment you step aboard you will agree.

The Privateer IV is the largest 149 passenger boat in the area. This means you have MORE SPACE per person than on any other whale watch boat on Cape Ann. There are boats that are slightly larger, but they put at least 100 more people onboard which greatly diminishes personal space.

Although our vessel was built for 300 passengers, we only carry a maximum of 149 passengers per trip to ensure your comfort and safety.

We recently had a professional Marine Surveyor conduct a survey of the Privateer IV and we want to share a part of what the Surveyor ended up writing in the report:

“This is a very well constructed vessel … and is certainly capable of operating safely offshore and in excess of her current route. The vessel is very well maintained and was found clean and orderly throughout. The crew is involved daily in both cleaning, painting, and inspection of the machinery and equipment and the vessel shows it. Care has been taken to provide safe footing and hand holds for passengers both on deck and in the lounge areas to prevent accidents. The layout is very passenger friendly and lacks many of the elevation or structure obstacles that can lead to accidents.”


A clean and spacious inside cabin is important to any whale watch boat. The cabin of the Privateer IV has large natural wood tables, cushioned seats, wall-to-wall carpeting, and more than ample space for you to move about the cabin.

At night the cabin can be illuminated by either fluorescent ceiling lighting or rope lights for a more relaxed ambiance. A full galley stocked with sandwiches, snacks, drinks and a full bar is also there for your convenience.

As important as a clean, comfortable inside cabin is to a whale watching boat, we believe that having the freedom to move about the outside decks is equally important to someone’s whale watch experience.

The Privateer IV has a wide, wrap-around lower deck that allows our passengers to have more UNOBSTRUCTED views of the whales than on other whale watch boats. There is ample room to walk about the decks without disturbing or having to step over other passengers.


The PRIVATEER IV also has a “Low-Profile” (close-to-the-water) hull design which means that you are closer to the water’s surface and the whales than on any other whale watch boat in Gloucester (except for the PRIVATEER I that we still occasionally use for whale watching on especially busy days). What difference does this make? It’s simple, the closer you are to the water the more dramatic and up-close the views of the whales… this type of up-close experience is impossible on a larger vessel (if you have ever seen whales from the deck of a cruise ship you know what I mean!)

At the bow (or “front” of the boat for all you first-time sailors;-) the PRIVATEER IV has a “Bow Sprint” which allows our passengers to walk out over the water for a fun and exciting view of the ocean below. As many experienced whale watchers may already know, HUMPBACK WHALES sometimes become curious about boats in the area and swim over to investigate.

Dolphins also “bow-ride” in the pressure wave created as a large vessel such as the PRIVATEER IV moves through the water. At these times a walk out on the bow sprint will give you unparalleled views of these animals as they swim directly beneath you!


The PRIVATEER IV has second level which features an open “Sun-deck” for panoramic views of the ocean, whales or the sights of Gloucester Harbor. On warm, Summer days there is no better place to enjoy the fresh sea air and take in a bit of sun on your way out to the whales. We at 7 Seas are proud to share our vessel with our customers and we are confident that you will enjoy your time aboard. Compared to ANY other whale watching boat in the industry you will find that the PRIVATEER IV sets the standard for cleanliness, comfort, stability and safety. After sailing with us we are confident that you too will feel that the PRIVATEER IV is the finest boat in the business.

Key Features

  • Fast cruising speed
  • Latest safety equipment
  • Heated, spacious inner cabin
  • 2 CLEAN, modern restrooms
  • Wall-to-wall carpet
  • Wrap-around windows for inside viewing

  • Open-air sun deck w 360-degree view
  • Wide beam for stability/less motion sickness
  • Low-Profile hull closer to the water
The only whale watching boat in Gloucester with an onboard GPS display for passengers.

The only whale watching boat in Gloucester with an onboard GPS display for passengers.