Since our 1st season in 1983, we’ve seen a total of 15 different species of whales off the coast of Gloucester.  Of these, seven species are what are sometimes referred to as “Great Whales” (whales that are over 30 feet in length when fully grown). These species are the Blue Whale (the largest animal in the world!) the Humpback Whale, the Finback WhaleSperm WhaleMinke WhaleSei Whale, and the extremely endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.

In addition to the larger species mentioned above, we have also sighted eight other species of whales. These species are the Long-finned Pilot WhaleBeluga (or “White Whale”)Harbor PorpoiseAtlantic White-sided DolphinWhite-beaked DolphinCommon DolphinBottle-nose Dolphin, and Grampus (or “Rizzo’s Dolphin”).



There is no better way to prepare for a whale watch off the coast of Gloucester, MA than to read the information you will find here!

To learn more about the whales we see just click the on the name of the whale or other marine wildlife species that you want to know more about.

All of the contents of these pages was written by 7 Seas Whale Watch naturalist and captain S. Jay Frontierro.

All of the photographs you will see were taken by either Jay or by our dear friend Oktay Kaya (unless otherwise noted) aboard one of our whale watching trips. We hope that you enjoy looking at the many photographs and learning about the whales we are so fortunate to be able to share with our passengers.  See you on the water!