There are a wide variety of “other” whale species that make occasional appearances on either Stellwagen Bank or Jeffrey’s Ledge. These species include Bottlenose Dolphins, Common Dolphins, White-beaked Dolphins, Grampus (aka “Rizzo’s Dolphin”), Beluga, and even Sperm Whales (all pictured below except the White-beaked Dolphin and Beluga).

These species (except the White-beaked Dolphin and Beluga which are northern, cold-water species) are normally found in warmer, deeper waters along the edge of the continental shelf approximately 250 miles east of Gloucester and the rest of Cape Ann. When conditions are right (such as when “warm-core rings” break off the Gulf Stream and head towards the New England coast) we sometimes have a chance to observe more “tropical” species as they follow their prey (usually squid) into more inshore waters.

Perhaps the most spectacular sighting of a deep-water whale species we at 7 Seas have had was the sighting of at least three Sperm Whales in the fall of 1995 on Jeffrey’s Ledge. These whales lingered in the area for a few weeks and allowed us to sight them repeatedly on many trips.